Saturday, August 22, 2015

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The Sport Endurance Difference:

Eating a balanced diet, getting enough sleep,  and exercising on a regular basis are vitally important to your overall well-being. However, with the demands of a modern lifestyle, that’s not always possible, so leading experts recommend dietary supplements.

Sport Endurance uses state of the art soft gel capsule delivery system for our three products. Below are the advantages of using soft gel capsules for your energy, creatine and sleep aid needs.


The softgel capsule offers the following advantages over other oral delivery systems, such as hardshell capsules.

  • softgel capsules come in unitary one piece dosage form;
  • softgel capsules are sealed tightly :
  • softgel capsules are easy to swallow;
  • softgel capsules allow product identification, using colours and several shapes;
  • softgel capsules allow uniformity, precision and accuracy between dosages;
  • softgel capsules are safe against adulteration;
  • softgel capsules provide better stability than other oral delivery systems.
  • softgel capsules provide  rapid absorption by the body;
  • softgel capsules provide more consumer satisfaction due to their security, appearance and functionality;
  • softgel capsules offer more protection against contamination, light and oxidation;
  • softgel capsules eliminate unpleasant flavors due to content encapsulation;
  • softgel capsules are  elegant, and attractive as a finished product;